TAFTIE Academy Programme 2014

Please find hereunder the trainings, workshops and webinars offered within the scope of the TAFTIE academy for 2014.


The choice of the courses to be organised was made on basis of the feedback we received from most of the TAFTIE organisations, about how many people are planning to take part in the initially planned trainings and workshops.


Via the Ideas Corner you have the chance to post your ideas for further training and workshop content!


Staff trainings

As last year, we will offer a voucher for each member agency for the first registration to one TAFTIE Academy staff training!


1. Staff training "Insights into the Innovation Process"
- Vienna, Austria - 20-21 March 2014
2. Staff training "Evaluation advanced"                                 
- Brussels, Belgium - 23-24 June 2014
3. Staff training "Transnational funding programmes and the European policy – with special focus on SME activities"  CANCELLED
- Brussels, Belgium - 29-30 October 2014

Networking workshops

1. Networking workshop "EU risk funding instruments"         CANCELLED
- The Hague, The Netherlands - 8 October 2014
2. Networking workshop "Competence centre programmes"   
- Brussels, Belgium - 14-15 May 2014
3. Networking workshop "Mentoring and Coaching and the new SME instrument"
- Vienna, Austria - 8 October 2014
4. Networking workshop "Structural funds/co-funding with Horizon2020"
- Madrid, Spain - 3 November 2014


1. Webinar "Mapping of innovation potential & methods"
13 March 2014