SPIRIT Slovenia



The Agency’s mission is to be an active player in the business environment and ensure the competitiveness and promotion of the Slovenian economy. By connecting different stakeholders of the support environment and promoting the development of its services, the agency is creating an environment in which enterprising and innovative individuals bring their ideas to fruition, which leads to successful market realisation.
48 M€ for programmes in 2017
The agency implements activities and different measures to promote entrepreneurship, innovation, technology development, internationalisation and foreign investment. The Agency coordinates activities and monitors the implementation of the tasks of support environment institutions. Within the scope of the one-stop-shop points, agency provides quality, free-of-charge and locally available comprehensive support solutions for the promotion of entrepreneurship. Via the university incubator services, agency provides support to innovation-oriented entrepreneurial ideas up to their realisation as well as to existing innovative companies. 
The agency is a part of EEN consortium and the NCP for SME instrument in Horison 2020.
SPIRIT Slovenia, Public Agency has a staff of 50 persons
SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency
Verovškova 60
SI-1000 Ljubljana