Report 2008 Structural Funds Task Force

TAFTIE Task Force on Structural Funds

Report 2008


Executive Summary


Legal analysis carried out on Structural Funds and Framework Programme compatibility showed the difficulties and incompatibilities between both funding instruments. However a legal entry door would make possible to the Member States the use both instruments in international RTD activities.


So far Structural Funds have been an important financial source for actions supporting and investments related to research and innovation. However, only a minuscule sample of projects funded by the Structural Funds was actually related to cooperative international RTD and innovation activities.


In this context the aim of TAFTIE to set up a new funding instrument for cooperative international RTD and innovation activities, supported by operational programmes from their respective TAFTIE members countries, and based on the ‘Convergence’ and ‘Competitiveness’ objectives, is a real novelty and challenge.


Four options for using the Structural Funds for financing international technological and innovative cooperation activities has been analyzed; being International demonstration projects derived from the Community RTD Framework Programmes the most feasible option for Structural Funds allocation for this kind of activities.



Download the report: Funds Final Report.doc