RANNIS - Iceland




The Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannis) supports research, innovation, education and culture in Iceland. Rannis cooperates closely with the Icelandic Science and Technology Policy Council and provides professional assistance in the preparation and implementation of the national science and technology policy.



For the fiscal year 2015 the budget for the funding operation is 50 M€


The main functions of Rannis are the following:

Rannis administers competitive funds in the fields og research, innovation, education and culture, as well as strategic research programmes. This includes the Research Fund and the Infrastructure fund and additionally eleven different funds in the area of education and cluture under the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. The Technology Development Fund under the Ministry of Industries and Innovation. Each of the funds is governed by a  Board of Directors, the allocation of grants being subject to extensive peer review processes.


RANNIS coordinates and promotes Icelandic participation in European programmes such, as Horizon 2020, Erasmus+ and Creative Europe. Rannis is the NCP-host organization for Horizon 2020.


RANNIS monitors resources and performance in R&D and promotes public awareness of research and innovation, education and culture in Iceland. Rannís participates in international benchmarking of the results.

Rannis is actively providing the Science and Technology Policy Council and its subcommittees with information on scientific research and technology development nationally and internationally as a basis for the policy making process.



Rannis has a staff of 43 persons



Sigurður Björnsson
The Icelandic Center for Research – Rannis