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As one of the leading project management agencies in Germany, Project Management Jülich works hand in hand with public authorities in science, industry  and policy-making. With a profound expertise in research and innovation management, Project Management Jülich supports its clients in the German federal and state governments as well as the European Commission in achieving their funding policy objectives.


On behalf of its clients, Project Management Jülich implements research and innovation funding programmes that have been tailored to meet their specific requirements and address socio-political needs. Founded in 1974, Project Management Jülich today covers a broad range of topics as well as the entire chain of innovation- from basic research right up to market entry.


As a largely independent organization, Project Management Jülich is affiliated with Forschungs-zentrum Jülich GmbH. In addition to the headquarters in Jülich, it has three more offices in Berlin, Rostock, and Bonn. In 2004, Project Management Jülich introduced a quality management system and in 2005 this quality assurance measure was certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard.



Identifying trends

• Innovation and technology analyses

• Identification of new funding approaches

• Advice on funding strategy

• Development of funding programmes

Supporting research and innovation

• Advice on national and European funding

• Evaluation of applications

• Management of funding projects

• Audit of the use of funds and exploitation of results

Creating the future

• Impact analyses and evaluation processes

• Transferring knowledge to the specialist

   community and society

• Committee work developing programmes


Business Areas:

Key technologies

• Biotechnology/Life sciences

• Materials technologies

• Maritime technologies


• Energy technologies

• Renewable energy

Sustainable economy

• Bioeconomy

• Sustainability

• Resource efficiency

• Earth system research

Non-technology-specific innovation funding

• Technology-based start-ups

• Regional technology platforms

• Clusters


Budget: The total funding volume of PtJ amounts to 1.41 bn € (2015).


Staff: 952 employees (2015)



Cornelia Partsch

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Tel.: 02461 61-6243

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