Programme 2016

Please find hereunder the trainings, workshops and webinars offered within the scope of the TAFTIE academy for the first half of 2016.


Until September2016, the programme for the second half of 2016 will be published considering new topics to be discussed during the EWG Meetings.


The choice of the courses to be organised was made on basis of the demand survey, which was conducted in 2015.


Within 2016, 1 Staff Training, 3 Networking Workshops and 2 Webinars are foreseen. It is planned to have 1 Staff Training, 2 Networking Workshops and 1 Webinar organized within the first half of 2016.


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Via the Ideas Corner you have the chance to post your ideas for further training and workshop content!


Staff Training

12-13 April 2016, Vienna: Insights into the Innovation Process

Networking Workshops

9 June 2016, Vienna: Innovative Procurement

28 June 2016, Berlin: Impact Assessment on R&D public policies in the European context: data, procedures and methodologies

22 September, Strasbourg: Expert Session/Networking Workshop on Enhancing operational cooperation with EIB/EIF and the EC: RDI risk sharing schemes and EU instruments


18 May 2016, Gender Equality in Research Funding

29 November 2016, Responsible Research and Innovation


N E W: 

1 February 2017: SELECT - Report from the TAFTIE Task Force on Selection Processes