Programme 2015

Please find hereunder the trainings, workshops and webinars offered within the scope of the TAFTIE academy for 2015.


The choice of the courses to be organised was made on basis of the demand survey, which was conducted in autumn 2014.


Via the Ideas Corner you have the chance to post your ideas for further training and workshop content!


Staff trainings

As last year, we will offer a voucher for each member agency for the first registration to one TAFTIE Academy staff training!


    23-24 June 2015,  Brussels, Belgium
    23-24 September 2015,  Vienna, Austria

Networking workshops

    12 March 2015,  Vienna, Austria
    16 April 2015,  Copenhagen, Denmark
    23 November 2015,  Vienna, Austria


26 March 2015
21 May 2015
22 October 2015
5 November 2015