Prof. John Wood (ERAB) speaks at 2nd TAFTIE EWG Meeting

04.05 2010

Thematic discussions


In 2009 the Research Council of Norway set the scene with introducing thematic discussions during the Executive Working Group (EWG) meetings.


The 2010 TAFTIE Chair (CDTI) decided to keep this format and to go even a little further by building around the presentation of a stakeholder as introduction to the EWG.


Under the theme "LInks with World-leaders", Dr. Charles W. Wessner kicked off with his speech on "Promoting Innovation-Based Entrepreneurial Opportunities"at the first EWG meeting on 11th February in Madrid.


Prof. John Wood, senior international relations adviser at the Imperial College of London and President of the ERAB, presented his views under the theme: "Links with and views from Europe" on the occasion of the 2nd TAFTIE EWG on 5th May in Carmona.


Opening the meeting, Professor John Wood made a presentation on the new challenges that Europe faces and the strategic view of the ERA for 2030. The ERAB vision identifies six broad areas where action is needed: the creation of a united ERA, the solution of Europe’s grand challenges, the interaction of science and society, the collaboration of public and private sectors in open innovation, the encouragement of excellence and the promotion of cohesion.


A lively exchange took place with particular focus on industry´s role in the ERA, it being a work area for all TAFTIE members. Options to help boost innovation policy at European level were also discussed in preparing for the EU Research and Innovation Plan expected later in the year, starting with a Communication by the European Commission that will be handled by the next EU Presidency during the second half of 2010: Belgium. 


Download the presentation Strenthening the ERA