Performance measurement in funding agencies

"Good first impressions from Taftie Academy. It was really nice to meet with the persons who are every day facing the same questions"

- Janel Rebane, Enterprise Estonia


26th of April 2012, Helsinki, Finland


Performance measurement is a process for collecting and reporting information regarding the performance of an individual, group or organisation. It can involve looking at process/strategies in place, as well as whether outcomes are in line with what was intended or should have been achieved. Especially in times of economic crisis, evaluation and performance measurement within funding agencies become increasingly important to guarantee efficient and sustainable execution of work.


After a keynote speech by Prof Antti Lönnqvist (Tampere University of Technology), the representatives of the different participating TAFTIE agencies presented their particular schemes and experiences. In the afternoon mini-workshops, dealing with questions that were raised during the morning session, took place.


The workshop was rated as excellent by 45% of the participants and as good by 36%. 2/3 of the participants considered that there was enough time for discussion. The majority of participants received the information about the event well in time and used the opportunity to network with other TAFTIE agency employees.


A more detailed evaluation of the feedback and the presentations of the event are to be found in the document section! (you need to log in as a TAFTIE member to be able to download them)