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Pera Consulting is a public sector business support, outsourcing company. Pera works with governments’ and their agencies to deliver high impact and ambitious business support services that deliver growth and create jobs, by helping firms to accelerate their growth, become more efficient and competitive in manufacturing, become more innovative as organisations and more successful in finding and growing new export markets.


Budget:  Funds under management :€100M



Over the last two decades, Pera has developed a reputation as partner of choice for many governments across the world looking to grow their economies in challenging economic conditions. The SME business support programmes we help design and deliver, typically generate a public sector ROI in excess of 20:1,meeting even the most challenging of global benchmarks. Pera’steams working in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, South East Europe and the UK work with governments locally, nationally and internationally to ensure that their business population is helpedto achieve all of its potential and drive the wider economic growth.

The business support programmes Pera delivers are most commonly grant based, in that the SME clients receive grants administered by Pera, on behalf of Government, to reduce the costs of the support they receive, in order to combat market failures that prevent SME populations contributing fully to economic growth.


The range of programmes and services, delivered on behalf of, or in partnership with government, span the complete range of economic development tools and include:

  • - Growth Accelerators Programmes
  • - Manufacturing Productivity Programmes
  • - Leadership & Management Skills Development Programmes
  • - Export Advice & Facilitation Programmes
  • - Foreign Direct Investment Programmes
  • - Innovation Stimulation Programmes
  • - Knowledge & Technology Transfer Programmes
  • - Horizon 2020 Advice & Support Programmes

Pera’s flagship programme is the UK’s Growth Accelerator which was mobilised from a standing start in 2012 and has since supported 23,000 SMEs to accelerate and sustain longer their growth. The programme has develered 73,000 new jobs and €3.5Bn of GVA into the UK economy, at a cost to government of €2,500 per job.


In addition, Pera has pioneered innovative ways to help governments provide business with a stimulus to increase exports and their potential in global markets. Pera are well practiced at integrating effective local advice with international business experts in a way that create a truly effective global reach. They are equally at home marketing a country’s abilities through traditional routes by organising trade missions, exhibitions and meet-the-buyer events.



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John Hill

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