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The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development  is a government agency  subordinated to the Minister of Economy. PARP was established with the task to implement entrepreneurship support instruments, with particular consideration given to needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). PARP is one of the public institutions responsible for the implementation of measures co-financed by the EU Structural Funds in Poland. According to our  mission, the Agency has been supporting entrepreneurs in the implementation of competitive and innovative projects for over a decade. PARP implements measures related to human  resources development, exports increase, promotion of Poland abroad and the application of new technologies. The definite majority of PARP activities are addressed at small and medium-sized enterprises.


€ 1,500 m (2011)


PARP is implementing economy development programmes, with a particular focus to support the following:

  • SME development,
  • export development,
  • regional development,
  • application of new technologies and innovations,
  • job creation and human resources development.


Tools and means include:

  • provision of grants to the following entities: enterprises (especially SMEs), business support institutions, training institutions and labour market institutions,
  • rendering pro-innovative services (advisory, information, training, promotion, financial services)
  • facilitation of access to knowledge, economic information, studies and analyses,
  • promotion, communication and dissemination activities and events.


Examples of particular initiatives and projects undertaken by the PARP are given below.

“Polish Product of the Future”. This is a contest aimed at promotion and  dissemination of  technological invention achievements with identified market potential. The contest is carried out  in four categories: “product of the future” and “technology of the future”, both under “pre-  implementation” and “implementation” stages. 
 “Innovation Portal” (PI) is a website of comprehensive information on innovations and pro-innovative activities in Poland. Thematic areas covered by the PI include new technologies and  products, technology transfer, programmes supporting innovation development, innovation in  regions, support for innovative business, innovation funding institutions, training institutions,  university entrepreneurship initiatives and projects, etc. Along with news and information, the PI  Portal provides access to resources like databases, reports, studies and analyses.
“Club for Innovative Enterprises” is a discussion and information exchange platform for  business entities and institutions established with an objective to improve conditions for  founding and developing innovative enterprises. Club meetings, held periodically, make i  information exchange easier, allow for knowledge dissemination and facilitate cooperation  between entrepreneurs and the RDI organizations.
Support for university entrepreneurship. Cooperation with various universities and students’  societies is intended to spur universities to simulate entrepreneurship among the students,  university graduates and young scientists. National database of pro-entrepreneurial initiatives is  available on the PI Portal. 
“PARP Academy” is an educational portal for small and medium-sized enterprises, which enables access to free internet trainings. Its objective is to popularise access to e-learning among micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and persons intending to conduct their own business activity.
National Service Network for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (KSU) is a network of over  210 non-profit organisations rendering information, advisory, training and financial services for  SMEs as well as individuals starting up their business activities. As a part of the KSU, several  sub-networks are active such as Consultation Centres, National Innovation Centres (KSI), credit  guarantee funds and loan funds.
Network of Consultation Centres supervised by the PARP, operate as the first contact institution  for SMEs offering free of charge information services in about 120 Consultation Centres in  Poland. These services include administration and legal issues of carrying out business activity,  company management, as well as assistance in applying for public aid.
Regional Financing Institutions form a network of regional partners for PARP and operate as  delegated authority to implement some tasks on the regional level
Support for business environment (technology parks, incubators, clusters) 
Contact point of Enterprise Europe Network

  • Participation in international projects such as twinning projects, the EU Framework  Programmes, etc.

 As an implementing institution for Structural Funds in the financial perspective 2007-2013, PARP is responsible for  implementation of several measures under three Operational Programmes: Innovative Economy,  Human Capital and Eastern Poland Development.


 521 employees


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