Networking workshops 2012

Networking workshops offer the opportunity to exchange information and experiences around actual topics of common interest. The main focus is mutual learning and networking. The workshops are free of charge.


Further characteristics of the workshops:

• The topics for the workshops can be defined more flexibly than for staff training courses and thus be more easily related to actual current issues.


• The workshops can take place even with few participants. Exchange between only 3 agencies concerning a burning topic would make sense. There is no need for 20 participants.


• In case of more participants, the workshops will be organised with parallel sessions and external speakers. This way the format can be adjusted to the topic and the number of participants.


• Workshops could raise a topic for a new task force as well as disseminate the findings from already existing task forces (e.g. e-government, use of social media, public procurement…)


• The networking workshops could be used to support the discussion of specific TAFTIE Topics which are selected by the TAFTIE chair and relevant for the chair´s specific focus.