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Mission: Turning policy into reality
NL Innovation is a division of the greater Agency NL, an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. NL Innovation used to be a directorate of SenterNovem. Per January 1 2010 it is a division of Agency NL, which also includes the Patent Registration and the International Business agencies.


We promote sustainable development and innovation, both within the Netherlands and abroad. We aim to achieve tangible results that have a positive effect on the economy and on society as a whole.


Our core competence is converting government policy into reality. On behalf of the Dutch government we implement policies regarding science and innovation.
NL Innovation also works on behalf of international organisations such as the European Union and foreign governments. Through us these organisations gain access to a broad Dutch network of knowledge institutes, research centres, trade associations, companies and government officials. We also participate in numerous international platforms and counselling groups.


In 2009, the innovation part of SenterNovem – now known as NL Innovation – was responsible for a budget of EUR 1,143 mln of which over 60% was made available for SME’s. 


Personnel and activities:
Our 500 employees offer private and public organisations in the Netherlands the following services:
· financial support in various schemes
· the development of (international) knowledge networks
· knowledge dissemination
· setting up and guiding transition processes
· policy development advice


NL Innovation's national and international programmes are complementary and support both national and international policies.


Mr. Jeroen Heijs
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