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National Agency for Innovation

The National Agency for Innovation has been formally created in 2006 from the Italian Government. It is the operative tool of the Ministry for Innovation (which, together with the Ministry for the Economic Development, defines the policies and strategies at national level); this puts the Agency in the position of having a real connection with innovation and research operators.
Its main role is the one of working as a tool to foster cluster’s competitiveness by spreading new technologies and their industrial applications.
More specifically, the 2006 Finance Act states that the final aim of the Innovation Agency is to promote connections between research and industry: this is done through the identification, valorization and spreading of know-how, competences, technologies and industrial applications both at national and international level.
Through its national mandate, the Agency can guarantee the achievement, among others, of the following goals:
-       supporting the national government in the drawing up of policies, tools and plans in the field of research and technology development to be implemented at national and regional level;
-       taking into account the requirements and expectations of companies and clusters;
-       promoting the start-up of strategic industrial research and innovation projects;
-       fostering the exchange of know-how, competences and research results among initiatives belonging to common sectors;
-       promoting the transfer of results of product and process innovations to potential receivers, such as SMEs and clusters subjects;
-       fostering public-private partnerships between producers and receivers of research and innovation projects.
Budget estimates for 2009: 5.862.401,00 €
To fulfill the above described mission, the Innovation Agency performs, among others, the following tasks: ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of national policies and programs devoted to research and innovation; promotion of technology platforms and their link to European Technology Platforms (ETPs); promotion and coordination of technology foresight programs; high level training programs for TTOs and ILOs officials; valorization of public research results.
The Agency operates in co-operation with local and national subjects with the aim of spreading R&D and new technology opportunities among the potential beneficiaries, with a focus on SMEs.
It has in fact recently signed, 4 agreements with important national R&D institutions, such as CNR, ISS, CRUI, ENEA. The result is that the Agency can transfer the impressions, needs, requirements, etc. coming from the research and industry worlds directly to the Ministry offering a practical contribution to national policies’ definition.
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