Monetary funding: project financing via loans / grants vs tax schemes


“An excellent way to extend my network with colleagues from other government agencies.”
– Karin Aase, VINNOVA

“An interesting start of a new type of networking workshop.” – Klaus Schnitzer, FFG


16th of April 2012, Vienna, Austria


Financial support for research and innovation projects and programmes can be provided – amongst others – in the form of grants or loans. In times of budgetary restraints a sound understanding of what can be achieved by these different instruments gains importance. The same holds true for the interplay of direct funding and tax schemes. This workshop discussed the respective advantages and disadvantages of the different instruments as well as the actual developments in Europe and the respective TAFTIE agencies.


After a keynote speech by Mr Norbert Knoll, AWS (Austrian Wirtschaftsservice), the representatives of the 8 different participating TAFTIE agencies presented their particular schemes and experiences. In the afternoon mini-workshops, dealing with questions that were raised during the morning session, took place.


The workshop was rated as excellent by 26% of the participants and as good by 63%. Half of the participants would have appreciated a bit more time for discussion. The majority of participants received the information about the event well in time and used the opportunity to network with other TAFTIE agency employees.


A more detailed evaluation of the feedback and the presentations of the event are to be found in the document section! (you need to log in as a TAFTIE member to be able to download them)