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MATIMOP – The Israeli Center for Industrial R&D


MATIMOP, the executive agency of the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor of Israel (OCS), is the official National Agency for industrial R&D cooperation. MATIMOP promotes highly supportive national policies to build Israel's industrial infrastructure and nurture industrial innovation and entrepreneurship.


In recognition of its distance from global markets, the State of Israel  has signed international agreements promoting industrial R&D cooperation, and has charged MATIMOP with  aggressively expanding  opportunities for Israel’s industry to engage in mutually beneficial international collaboration. The development of innovative new commercial technologies, products and services is a high risk expensive proposition, often exceeding the capacity and capabilities of individual firms and even countries, therefore necessitating the OCS’s intervention and support


In pursuing international collaborative R&D opportunities for Israeli industry, two main program models are followed:
    *Independent bi-national funds, with each nation making an equal contribution;
    *Parallel support arrangements, whether bi-national or multi-national whereby each nation is committed to funding R&D performed by the joint venture partner company from its own country in accordance with their respective laws and regulations.


Whether an actual fund, with an independent legal structure, or a "virtual fund" based on parallel support, the Bi-National industrial R&D support programs share similar characteristics and guidelines. International programs implemented by MATIMOP are (listed alphabetically under each region):
Europe - bilateral: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and United Kingdom;

Multilateral: Eureka, Eurostars, EEN, Galileo, Sesar.
Asia and Oceana - bilateral: China, India, Taiwan, and Victoria (Australia);

Bilateral Funds: Singapore and Korea
North America - bilateral with US States: Maryland and Virginia;

Bilateral Funds: BIRD and BARD
America - bilateral: Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.


MATIMOP is the national contact point for multi-lateral Innovation programs funded through the European Commission: EUREKA, Eurostars, Enterprise EuropeNetwork and GALILEO.


MATIMOP, in addition to its direct responsibility for international activities, administers R&D programs at the national level:

    * FP7 – In Israel, ISERD, the Israel-Europe R&D Directorate promotes joint ventures within the EU's R&D Framework Program, the main instrument for research funding in Europe, bringing together industries and academic research.
    * MAGNET Program - encourages generic pre-competitive technological cooperation between industrial companies and academic research institutes.
    * Technological Incubators Program - supports entrepreneurs in the development and implementation of innovative technological ideas.
    * TNUFA - provides inventors with expert guidance and financial support to promote innovative ideas to the next stage of development.
    * Global Enterprise R&D Collaboration Framework Program - encourages industrial R&D between Israel and Multi-National Companies, including agreements with Alcatel, Coca-Cola, Deutsche, Telecom, General Electric, IBM, Merck, MICROSOFT, HP, ORACLE, GE Healthcare, Novozyne and Sun Microsystems.
    * The Technological Incubators Program - support organization that give fledgling entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop their innovative technological ideas and set up new businesses in order to commercialize them.



38 employees and 15 advisers



The budget managed by MATIMOP in international programs is approximately 25$ million.


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