IWT - Belgium


Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology



As a Flemish government institution, IWT supports and stimulates industrial research and development in Flemish companies and offers general support services for innovation and technology transfer.


€273 M in 2011


IWT manages the financial support for industrial research and development. Support is available through IWTs own finding budget for bottom up R&D initiatives of industries. The programme includes special schemes for SME. IWT also supports international collaboration in R&D, through the funding of Flemish companies and academic institutes in the framework of EUREKA. Furthermore IWT manages the Flemish Region's fellowship programme for doctoral and post-doctoral research fellows.


IWT stimulates the exploitation of research project results, either within the company or through a transfer of technology, and locates new technologies on behalf of the companies. Specal attention is given to SMEs. IWT coordinates a network, gathering the Flemish public bodies and organisations offering technological advice and services to companies.


The exploitation of European research projects is promoted by EEN, supported by the European Commission, and co-hosted by IWT. IWT is also the national contact point for 7FP and European research prgrammes.


Finally, IWT contributes to the monitoring of the Flemish Innovation System in support of the needs of IWT and technology and innovation policy in general.


125 in 2011


Leo Van de Loock
IWT, Koning Albert II-laan 35, bus 16, 1030 Brussels Belgium

phone: +32 2 432 4200
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