Internationalisation strategies

"Well organised and fun. Inspirational!"

- Participant

"Very good structure, inspiring ideas, nice venue!"

- Participant


25 October 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Fast developing countries, such as China, India and Brazil, are changing the global innovation geography. They combine large and rapidly growing markets with increasing investments in innovation. But also in Europe there are interesting opportunities for innovative SME’s. How can or should innovation agencies respond to these challenges?
This TAFTIE workshop brought together practitioners from public innovation agencies eager to help innovative indigenous SMEs to forge international links. These links can start with technology cooperation and lead to commercial spin off.

Content of the Workshop:

- Setting the scene: modalities for internationalisation:

  •   * bilateral technology matchmaking: cooperation in biofuel with Malaysia
  •   * technology platforms: EuroAgriFoodChain
  •   * lifting an innovation theme to European level: self healing materials 
  • - Experiences/best practices from workshop participants
  • - Group work and discussion


The workshop was rated as excellent by 25% of the participants, as good by 67% and as sufficient by 8%. The majority evaluated the structure of the event as “Good”, whereas the organization during the event was mostly rated as “Excellent”. Nearly everybody was satisfied with the time for discussion. Most of the participants’ expectations were met during this workshop.


A more detailed evaluation of the feedback and the presentations of the event are to be found in the document section! (you need to log in as a TAFTIE member to be able to download them)