Innovation Union task force report 2011


Task Force on the Innovation Union
This task force made a collective response to the Commission’s initial Innovation Union publication, its subsequent Green Paper and the further publications that would develop proposals for RD&I funding after.
This is the introduction to the paper (you can download the entire recommendations at the end of the text):
Improving support for business:driving innovation for Europe
As the association of national innovation agencies across Europe, TAFTIE understands and enables
critical role of business in driving innovation and is, as a result, uniquely placed to offer support
and advice on 
how best to reverse the highly disturbing decline in business participation in EU innovation.
member agencies are deeply involved in implementing national and international research
and innovation 
programmes and supporting worldclass innovation to create economic growth.
The annual budgets of the 
TAFTIE member agencies are more than €7 billion.
If Europe is to benefit from the ideas, skills and ambitions of businesses on the scale required for
the goals of the 
Innovation Union to be realised, it is vital that targeted changes are made to EU research,
development and 
innovation programmes. Changes that will make business participation
more attractive and far easier and that will capitalise fully on the technologies and talents of the 
innovative smaller firms so central to economic growth.
Bringing together the combined knowledge and experience of TAFTIE’s 25 Members, this document
the changes we believe will have the greatest impact on Europe’s innovation capacity.
It details how instruments, 
rules and procedures could be simplified to encourage business
participation. How European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) can be made more SME-friendly.
And how to take 
advantage of SMEs’ invaluable marketdriven
approach to innovation through a new and dedicated Open Area for SME Innovation which will
benefit from 
increased coordination of resources and funds between the European Commission
and Member States.
You can download here the recommendations: