First Open Discussion event TF SoftPower: The Innovators View - 25th January Lisbon

15.01 2018


National agencies at the break of a new model for innovation support in the EU:
                   The innovators’ views
25 January 2018 | 9h00-18h30
Representation of the European Commission in Portugal - Largo Jean Monnet, 1 - 10º, Lisboa
This event is organised in the scope of TAFTIE’s ‘SoftPower’ Task Force – Competences and soft skills in innovation agencies at the break of a new model for innovation support in the EU.
In an increasingly dynamic and complex environment for boosting innovation in the EU, innovation agencies must reflect on the model, roles and responsibilities they ought to assume for providing the most adequate support to their innovation communities. Inputs from a number of stakeholders are valuable for this reflection, starting with the innovators’ views.
As Europe still lags behind other regions of the world when it comes to breakthrough innovations and scaling-up innovative ideas, a debate has arisen in the Union on how to improve the environment and focus on market-creating innovation, while also simplifying and filling gaps in existing support for innovative start-ups and scale-ups in Europe. The European Commission is planning to set a new innovation promotion system under the next Framework Programme for R&I, namely by creating the European Innovation Council (EIC), and Member States are themselves, through their innovation agencies, trying to reach their highest potential innovators and experimenting new instruments and support services to help them thrive.
With a view to a more dynamic and vast innovation promotion landscape, able to capture value and explore its potential, European innovators need a continuous and well-articulated innovation promotion and support system that can create a friendly environment based on a clear assignment of roles at European, national and regional levels.
How do innovators see these efforts? According to their view, how should they be articulated for a complementary support to innovation across Europe? To what extent are innovation agencies providing local support services that are accurately reaching the highest potential of their communities? What kinds of support do innovators feel the need for, either at local, regional, national or European levels?
By the end of this one-day discussion event, a preliminary report should be drafted, collecting the viewpoints of innovators on their needs for advisory and support services from innovation agencies to enable and accelerate their activities and to provide a fruitful context in which they take place.
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