"There was some stimulating discussion and the keynote injected some good energy and controversy into what could have been a pretty dry topic."

- Participant

"Excellent opportunity to hear experience from other countries at different stages in using e-identification."

- Participant


19th of September 2012 in Birmingham, UK - in combination with the EWG meeting and the IPF workshop


More and more innovation agencies are using electronic services (like eCall systems), what makes it more and more important to accurately and securely identify users/applicants and be well prepared for any other kind of issues, that might arise with the use of electronic services. People involved in the previous Taftie Technology Enabling Taskforce, agency staff with an interest in improving their on-line services, or converting paper services to on-line services and wondering how to overcome the signature problems took part in this networking workshop.


Content of the workshop

Introduction and outline the problem

  1. Look at different types and different solutions for e-identification
  2. Potential Legal issues: examples
  3. Experience exchange/advice session


The workshop was rated as excellent by 1% of the participants, as good by 67% and as sufficient by 22%. The majority evaluated the structure, content and organization during the event as “Good”. Everybody was satisfied with the time for discussion. Most of the participants’ expectations were met during this workshop.


A more detailed evaluation of the feedback and the presentations of the event are to be found in the document section! (you need to log in as a TAFTIE member to be able to download them)