Annual Conference: presentations and photos available

30.05 2016


The Taftie Annual Conference 2016 was organised as one of the Workshops of Bpifrance Inno Generation (BIG) in Paris on 25th & 26th May.


During BIG the Taftie Troika (Laure Reinhart/Bpifrance, Wolfgang Gessner/VDI/VDE-IT and Milena Vicenová/TA CR) were interviewed. You can watch the interview via this link


Taftie Annual Conference Programme

Supporting all forms of Innovation: towards sustainable innovation



Host: Alex Taylor                          Introduction by Laure Reinhart, Taftie Chairperson   




Opening speech: Enabling the ecological transition through innovation

Speaker: Daniel Kaplan, Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (FING)


Panel 1: Innovation New Generation for Green Growth

In order ro reach the ambition and targets set by governments in particular through COP21 policies (including energy transtion, sustainable development, eco technologies), it has become crucial to benefit from innovation in all its forms. Moreover it is mandatory to understand how to identify, evaluate, select and support the most promising projects that could bring a breakthrough for green growth. This topic was presented by three duets composed of one company and the supporting agency.


Manuela Kräuter (Helioz, Austria) & Sabine Mayer (The Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG)

Wayne Byrne (OxyMem, Ireland) & Sinead Lonergan (Enterprise Ireland)

Bert van Vuuren (Natural Plastics, Netherlands) & Marion Braks (RVO, the Dutch Agency for Enterpreneurs)

Public Q&A


How IT transition can feed green growth and energy transition through innovation?

Speaker: Masaaki Yamamoto, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO)


Panel 2: Going Green through Digital Transition

Digital transition can be seen as a catalyst that allows the transformation of ecofriendly gestures (individual level) into green industry with a systemic impact. Moreover, it enables new green businesses to increase their efficiency and growth. What do companies need for this transtion? What kind of fianncial and non-financial support can be provided in Europe and outsie Europe? 

Yacin & Madyan de Welle (Optimum Tracker, France) & Christian Dubarry (Bpifrance)

Serge Subiron (Ijenko, France) & Laure Reinhart (Bpifrance)


Public Q&A

Conclusion and policy developments at EU level

Speaker: Kirsi Haavisto (Deputy Head of Unit 'Innovation Union Policy', European Commission)