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ANI – Portuguese National Innovation Agency – Portugal




ANI is the Portuguese National Innovation Agency.

Its mission is to promote knowledge transfer through greater and better collaboration and cooperation between enterprises and the research & knowledge production institutions.

ANI’s mandate is to promote innovation through research funding.

ANI is assumed as “The Innovation Hub” that embodies the growing alignment of the R&D, Innovation and Technology-based Entrepreneurship policies in the areas of science and economy, with the main function to promote knowledge transfer, in particular through more and better cooperation and coordination between companies and R&I institutions.






ANI pursues a wide range of activities:

·         Enhances collaborative innovation

·         Leverages knowledge transfer to companies

·         Increases the participation of the National Science & Technology System and of national

           companies in the Research & Innovation international networks

·         Strengthens business investment in R&I

·         Fosters a social environment which favours technological entrepreneurship


Therefore, ANI is endowed with a model of governance which allows it to take a central position in the science-economy relation, partnering with relevant stakeholders. There are three Directorates managing different working areas:


Funding incentives – ANI manages a set of financial and tax incentives for research, development and innovation with the aim of supporting the valorisation of scientific and technological knowledge by turning it into economic growth

Projects & International Cooperation – ANI promotes and participates in a number of programmes, projects and initiatives aimed at boosting the internationalization of the National Research and Innovation System, ensuring the global competitiveness of applied research projects

Policy and Innovation Promotion – ANI has a key role in supporting the definition of innovation policies and the integrated promotion of support to business R&D, technology transfer, technological innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship



91 employees 



Ana Ponte

Address: Campus do Lumiar, Ed. O, 1º - Estrada do Paço do Lumiar, 1649-038 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 214 232 115