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  Chair 2007: TTGV Turkey

Agência de Inovação - Portugal







The Agência de Inovação SA as a government enterprise is a services provider seeking for the promotion of entrepreneurial innovation, namely of a technological nature, and the economic valorisation of results from research and technological development carried out in Portugal
25,5M€  annual budget. 22,5M€ dedicated to technological innovation projects and human resources training and mobility
Promotion and economic valorisation of R&D; Support and promotion of technology based innovation; Promotion and support of recruitment by enterprises of highly qualified human resources; Support of technology transfer activities.
The instruments to support these activities are: Financial Support of Applied entrepreneurial R&D Projects – Program “IDEIA”; Incentives for Pilot Projects of Products, Processes and Technologically Innovative Systems – “DEMTEC”; Support for the creation of technology based enterprises – “NEST”; Support for the creation of R&D Departments in enterprises – “NITEC”; Human Resource Training and Mobility; Support for Phd courses in Enterprises –”BDE” ; Intermediation between demand and supply of technology - Participation in Networks of International Cooperation:   Innovation Relay Centre; Eureka Programme; Iberoeka Programme
Operational staff:
56 at Sta. Maria da Feira and Lisboa offices
Carlos Lajas
Direction of International Networks
Web site: www.adi.pt
AdI – Agência de Inovação – Inovação Empresarial e Transferência de Tecnologia,SA
Edifício do IDIT
Rua do IDIT
4520-102      Sta. Maria da Feira
Phone: +351.256.330820
Fax: +351.256.332891
Phone: +352.21.4232100
Fax: +351.21.4232101

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