Networking Workshop Green Deals

The input and feedback helped me a lot on how to do better with the Flemish green deals. The fact that you can talk and discuss with people coming from several countries makes it also a learning course, besides the fact that it is nice to network at the same time.

Koen Miseur, VLAIO


I came to the workshop with a very vague knowledge of green deals. The combination of theoretic lessons, Plan-Game and visit at Delft gave me a complex picture and knowledge on that issues. So for me it was a perfect knowhow-transfer and experience exchange.

Martin Reishofer, FFG


The workshops was very well organised, and it provided really valuable insights and contacts! We will definitely discuss the possibilities of green deals in our own environment.

Sabine Mayer, FFG

Date & Place: 06-07 April 2017, The Hague, Prinses Beatrixlaan 2


Length: 2 days


Host: RVO – Netherlands Enterprise Agency



Joris van der Ahé, Policy Advisor Green Deals at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

Robine van Dooren, Project Manager North Sea Resources Roundabout at Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Femke van der Leeuw, Legal Advisor Covenants at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

Saskia Ruisendaal, Programme Coordinator Green Deals at Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Serge Santoo, Manager Marketing, Communication & Co-creation at The Green Village / TU Delft


Moderator: Janneke Timmerman, Programme Manager Green Deals at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

Brief Description

The Green Deal approach in the Netherlands is an accessible way for companies to work with central government on green growth. Green Deals are particularly suitable when innovations are actually put into practice, a phase during which projects often encounter barriers. The aim is to remove these barriers in order to help sustainable initiatives get off the ground and to accelerate this process where possible.

Green Deals bring central government closer to companies, stakeholder organizations and interest groups. They give government a more readily identifiable presence in society and offer companies a clear point of contact. Since 2011 more than 200 Green Deals have been signed in the Netherlands, involving more than 1,300 participants. Green Deals cover nine themes: energy, the bio-based economy, mobility, water, food, biodiversity, resources, construction and climate.


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The networking workshop aimed to bring together first experiences with Green Deals and/or comparable programmes in the context of an elaborate presentation of both Dutch and international experiences on Green Deals. The workshop combined both policy and implementation perspectives and includes a site visit to The Green Village ( to see how Green Deals work out in practice.