Networking Workshop Governance of Innovation Agencies

Date & Place: 4 October 2017, Vienna, Austria


Length: 1 day, 10:00-16:00


Host: FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency


Speakers & Moderators: Sabine Mayer, Harald Hochreiter - FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Brief Description

The interface between principal (very often federal ministries) and agent (in our cases the agencies) determines how agencies work. The interface influences the way agencies make use of the knowledge they derive from the interaction with the target groups of RTI funding. It also impacts on their ability to design and implement policy measures such as funding and support programmes, how they are able to manage their portfolio, exploit the benefits of longer term planning, and organise their activities in an efficient way. Taftie agencies exhibit a variety of different governance models, from being responsible for an (multi) annual budget and being monitored against a small set of defined indicators (performance, outcome- and impact indicators) to more short term and detailed regulations and less flexibility for the agency.



During the workshop, different models and their advantages and disadvantages will be discussed. As FFG is currently evaluated and governance is one of the core questions in that evaluation, some discussions and a very brief survey have already been started within the Taftie framework, this will be the starting point for the workshop.

FFG would collect information on governance models of agencies that participate in the workshop (if not already available) prior to the workshop and prepare an overview of governance models to start the discussion.


The workshop itself will try to identify criteria for good practices (what makes a practice a good one? good for whom?) and aims at identifying good practices. What works? e.g. what are well suited indicators to be used as governance tools?


Draft Agenda

The workshop is planned as a 1 day workshop at FFG office in Vienna from 10:00 to 16:00, with a networking dinner the day before. It will be organised in a very interactive way to foster discussion.


Download Draft Agenda


Who should attend?

Agency staff familiar with the interface of their agency and experience in interacting with their principal.


Learning Outcome

A shared view of existing models and good practices for the governance of agencies in the TAFTIE network (and beyond).



For TAFTIE members: free of charge (Travel and hotel costs have to be covered by the participant’s agency)


For non-members: please contact



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For further information please contact

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